Rowan Byrone

Vengeful Paladin


Rowan Byrone was the son of a noble lord whose father was cut down by Justin Tyme. He swore to have his vengeance, even taking up the oath of vengeance and becoming a paladin to do so.

- Was found by the party commanding a group of organized survivors of the Rockwell invasion.

- Lost his arm and much of his forces in an attempt to distract the demon forces and buy time for the party.

- Demanded to face Justin in a dual to the death and won, however was stopped by Sorn before he could administer the finishing blow. Was ultimately turned into a newt by Gregore just before he was compelled by Sorn’s charm to kill himself.

- After speaking with Gregore, Rowan decided that it wasn’t worth pursuing a hateful vengeance all his life and decided to stop chasing, if not outright forgive, Justin.

Rowan Byrone

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